Inspired WorkSpaces

If you’re looking, you can find beauty almost everywhere. I like my surroundings to feel special, cozy and beautiful. I imagine all creative entrepreneurs encounter creative-blocks from time to time. When this happens to me, I look for what we at Adoublem call Inspired WorkSpaces. I change my environment or make my current workspace more…

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Did you notice them?

I’ve worked different jobs and lived in different cities, but most often in each of these settings, I say hi (or some sort of acknowledgement) when I pass someone going the other direction. I don’t do this in places like a busy city street, of course – it’s more like down a street if it’s…

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Meet Bella

Picture 1: Bella as a puppy. Picture 2: Like piggy, like puppy (this is not an insult, we all love piggy). Picture 3: Bella with Dan, the leader of the pack. Picture 4: Bella following the rules & not going on the bed. This rule did not last long. :-) Picture 5: Bella means beautiful…

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