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I have said for years, direct people to your blog, not only to your social media accounts. Today, this is a more common belief, but only a few years ago, many adamantly disagreed.

So many people I know ditched the idea of a website, and stuck with only a Facebook page. I’ve had many conversations about this, and there are pros and cons on both sides. However, after all the discussions, I still believe you need a real website.

You are creating a brand, your own brand, right? If so, using social media to get noticed and for brand recognition is great! But what if you put all your eggs in the Facebook basket, and Facebook isn’t popular 5 years from now? Or what if Instagram starts charging membership fees to post? The reality is you don’t have any say what these companies decide to do. On the other hand, if you get your audience used to visiting your website, then if something changes regarding a social media company you use, it won’t affect your followers. They will know exactly where to find you, without missing a step.

It’s also more professional to have a website. People who have never heard of you will feel more confident in you, your products and / or services. It’s the same as using a generic email for your business instead of a professional one. Which one do you prefer as the email address for Kathy who owns Bliss Cafe?

It’s a simple choice. When your audience is directed to your blog instead of social media, they will develop a stronger relationship with you. It’s like inviting someone into your home or business vs. meeting them at Starbucks. :-)

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