Life is better with a dog

Full disclosure, I am a BIG dog lover. I love all animals, though I definitely don’t want some of them in bed with me. Dogs are different. They dig their way deep into our hearts, almost as saying “I am permanent here”. When they die, they break our hearts into a million pieces, feeling like we will never recover.

They were right, they are permanent, they hold a place in our hearts forever. As people and pets I loved died, I learned that no one replaces someone you love. Your heart just grows bigger to fit the new people you love. Every person you love is eternal in your heart, each will forever have their own space carved out for them.

We loved our baby Bella. She was the cutest, most lovable cocker spaniel and cavalier king charles spaniel mix. We lost her a few months ago, and our hearts are still broken. Before Bella, we had Precious, who was a beautiful buff color cocker spaniel that we loved unconditionally. While there was a lot of information about whether your dog should sleep on your bed with you, some positive and some negative, we decided to let them sleep on our bed. It might have even been Precious and Bella deciding this, I’m not sure. :-)

So many nights snuggling with them. So many times they made us laugh, getting tangled in our blankets, or jumping on us during a thunderstorm. There is so little time with these loves of ours, so I say let them sleep on the bed. What say you?

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