Don’t lower your expectations to please other people

How many times have you heard “this is just the way things are done”, with no one having an idea why this is? Or when you make a positive change to a company and other managers say, “They will never do it that way,” referring to employees.

I learned more about this years ago when I started a new management job. For the first few weeks, I observed how things were done – what worked and what I thought could be improved. Most employees were excited for positive changes, like streamlining the closing paperwork, so they’d fill out one form instead of 7. Or asking them to be themselves when customers came in, instead of shouting out the latest sales in their best robotic voices. The new process would allow them to naturally bring things up, and welcome customers like they were part of our family.

Others though, didn’t want anything to change. One person asked me “what are you going to do for us” on the first day. Wow. If I am honest, I thought, “What positive things are you doing for this business?”

When you treat your staff with respect and confidence they can do their job, they will rise to meet this expectation. Many managers focus on people not doing the work, trying to get them to stop complaining, etc. My tip would be not to focus on this group, but on the positive employees you have, who are team players, who do not gossip and are eager to get results.

When you do this, unhappy people who do not want to work but want to distract from the success of the business often leave on their own. If they can’t get their way in your business anymore, they move on to somewhere they can.

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