The Beau Collection, Desktop Backgrounds

Select a custom designed background image below for $5.00 or get all four images in this collection for $15.00 (regular price $20).

Once you select an option below, a preview of that slide will appear. You can also use the scroll bar to the left (or above if on mobile) to see a preview of all the images in this collection.

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Introducing The Beau Collection with four new custom-designed desktop backgrounds, perfect for inspiring you through the summer!

See the images from this year’s summer collections below. In addition to using these pictures as desktop backgrounds, you can also use them for the ‘lock-screen’ slideshow.

Important: These backgrounds are intended for your personal use only. All pictures are licensed and cannot be replicated or used for any other purpose. There is music in the video below and animations and transitions in the video are for illustration purposes only.

Tip: Save the desktop background slide(s) in one folder on your computer and then select this folder when you set up the backgrounds on your computer (under display settings). If you’re not sure how to set this up, click here for our quick tutorial. Or you can search YouTube for tutorials on setting up your desktop background slideshow and the lock-screen slideshow. Contact us if you have additional questions, we are happy to help.