The Complete Desktop Collection


Purchase includes the eight desktop background images from The Kira Collection. For easy downloading, this full set is downloadable as a compressed zip file.

Scroll through the images, or click on the thumbnails to view the different backgrounds included.

This set does not include the mobile wallpapers from The Kira Collection. Watermark will be removed after purchase.


No. 1: Desktop background with ‘doing the things you fear’ quote, and pink tulips.
No. 2: You become what you believe quote and creating beauty quote, with a pink flowers background.
No. 3: Being yourself quote, with background images including pink tulips, a pink sweater and a mobile phone on a notebook.
No. 4: Be joy-filled quote, with light pink background images.
No. 5: You are capable quote, with light pink tulips and fresh greenery.
No. 6: Sail away from the safe harbor quote, with a spa-green accent background.
No. 7: Begin today quote, with images of the ocean, greenery and self-care.
No. 8: Invent your world quote, with a calm green and white background.

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Important: These backgrounds are intended for your personal use only. All pictures are licensed and cannot be replicated or used for any other purpose.